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Posts tagged depression

i’m an outsider here myself

I don’t know about you, but I find this kind of unsettling.  I think the point – given that this was said by Timothy Leary, who certainly celebrated living outside the box – was supposed to be that being different was actually cool.  That being normal was un-hip, stifling, constraining. But I’ve found that many […]

melancholy baby

I’ve been feeling… sad.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve just been sitting with it for a change, because it feels right to do so. It’s not depression, though it does feel like doing anything except being with it would take some effort. I could come up with lots of reasons for feeling this […]

movement, always movement

I see this all the time in my patients (and in myself).  It’s like the only time we really get it about this living in the Now thing is when we’re miserable.  At these times, we believe that we will be there forever, that our back pain or depression will never go away, that the […]

the tricky thing about winter

Five Element acupuncturists learn that it is critical to the health of humans for us to be aware of the seasons – what they show up like, and how that resonates in people.  From the minute I learned about this, I was fascinated, and I’ve been watching and learning ever since. You can find lots […]

here’s the rap

I’m getting pretty good at this – let’s say I’m at a gathering of people, maybe a business breakfast.  Or maybe a couple of people stop by the community clinic when we’re having an open house.  Or maybe I’m doing some taster acupuncture for first responders.  Someone will ask the question: can acupuncture help my […]