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Posts tagged chinese medicine

on acupuncture and addiction

There’s a bit of a back-story to this post.  In an effort to make acupuncture available to folks in recovery from addiction, I’ve been talking to people on our local Opioid Task Force, to people at the jail to see about providing treatment to men who are addicted when they’re arrested, and I’ve been trying […]


Ok, of all the weird and wonderful things that happen in my world, the current openness about all things marijuana is, well, blowing my mind. Not just because I just recently returned from a visit to California, where I know people who have medical marijuana recommendations.  Not just because I can be in a room […]

between heaven and earth

Back when I was training to become an acupuncturist, I discovered something really cool.  To help you understand the total cool-ness, you have to first picture this. We’d started our clinical work.  This meant we were going to start to implement what we’d been studying – and boy, didn’t that just feel … inadequate.  We’d […]

divine tools

Usually when someone comes to me for acupuncture, I’m not their first stop for help.  They’ve tried their doctor, perhaps a specialist, maybe physical therapy, various medications – and they haven’t been happy with the results.  Maybe the meds make it hard to function.  Maybe the pain is lingering far longer than they’d expected – […]

all soup, all the time

This is a reprint of a post from early 2014.  I got inspired to share it with you because I’m just making my first ever batch of nettle soup.  That’s right, soup made from that plant that stings and causes a rash.  Why?  Because it’s nutrient dense, and supports the Liver and Lungs which is […]

thinking on the unthinkable

I don’t usually write about ‘world events’. The things that I hear or read in the media distress me – a lot, and I know from past experience that they can suck me down until being angry and bitter becomes my default setting. That way of being serves no one, least of all me. I […]

all soup, all the time

Last week, about the time I hit the 35th iteration of my dissertation on the value of soup, I thought ‘I’ve got to write this up.  Then I can just hand it out!’  Every week my patients seem to present me with a different theme, and last week’s was definitely about eating in a way […]

emotions and pain

Someone posted this picture on Facebook the other day, and I find it utterly fascinating.  It is a representation of body pains, and the emotions associated with them.  The Chinese classics not only teach that you cannot separate body, mind and spirit, but that injury to the spirit has been around a while by the […]

optimizing autumn

In the Chinese Medicine calendar, autumn starts on August 2nd, and peaks at the equinox, gradually declining in energy from then on as winter energy grows.   It’s the time of year when plants get rid of anything that is not essential to survive, and animals (including human animals) start preparing for less activity by storing […]

we can fix your knee…

About five years ago, a woman came to see me for the first time.  She wanted to know if acupuncture could help her sore knee.  She seemed a very nice woman, maybe a little nervous – but then, she’d never had acupuncture before. We spent some time talking about her knee, where she felt the […]