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Posts tagged acupuncture points

living with autumn

One of the great, classic texts of Chinese medicine and philosophy is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, or Neijing.   Reportedly written by the great Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, in 221 BCE, it is the backbone of all modern acupuncture studies, and its text has a strong relevance to our lives today. The […]

what’s with this?

Patients bring many stories to their acupuncture treatments – some already conscious, some rising up as we work together.  These stories are opportunities for personal transformation.  The back pain, the head cold, the depression all hold stories that can change the dance of our lives.  My job is to help bring the stories to consciousness, […]

why did I choose those points?

Some people find acupuncture confusing.  They want to know why I use points in their feet to treat their headaches – or the pain in their elbows or hands.  And what’s with that really weird point that is on the inside of the calf that makes a shoulder (!) feel better. I’ll put a needle […]