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Fair warning: this is a rant.  To be fair, it’s (mostly) directed at myself, but it’s still a rant.

I read something not too long ago (and anyone who knows me knows it’s futile to ask me to say where I read anything, really)  of a man who took up Qi Gong in his 60s and grew new teeth.

I thought that sounded really cool, and I’ve got a tooth I’d like to replace.

Do you know how hard that is?  I’m completely surrounded and inundated by information that calls itself truth that says this is impossible.  Despite the fact that the cells in our bodies are completely replaced every 7 years and so in theory we should be able to rejuvenate all kinds of stuff, and despite the fact that various researchers believe that humans are hard-wired to live to 120, I can’t re-grow a tooth.

Possibly this is because it’s  hard to hold the positive thought when there’s so much more noise about how we just decline, getting more decrepit, more fragile, less able to do whatever, as we age.  That ‘information’ is everywhere (and really, isn’t it just someone’s opinion that the rest of us have decided to agree on?)

I love a recent Facebook post that reads: ‘Web MD…something that makes a mild cold into a deadly disease that will kill you in 24 hours’.  We are just saturated by people telling us the 7 deadly signs of this disease or that disease, and with the internet at our fingertips, we can scare the crap out of ourselves any time we want to.

The evidence is there that all that… stuff we read in the papers or see on TV isn’t the whole truth.  There are still people who are alive that were born in the 1880s, and many are living well.  There are whole populations of people who live a very long time, independently and happily.  There was even a recent story about a teacher who just retired at the age of 100.  (She’s going to keep working her volunteer job, however.)

I know that changing my mind about growing that tooth is up to me.  I’ve already given up newspapers and radio news (you should see the looks I get when I tell people that), and I am much, much happier.  I do love my internet, so I’m trying to teach myself to avoid those articles that tell me that this food is dangerous, or there’s some kind of multi-national conspiracy to convince me that, not only am I mortal (I know that), but that I’m doomed to die a horrible, lingering, yucky death.

It just would be helpful – to me – if there was less information circulating about how dangerous and scary the world is, and more about what a wonderful, precious gift my life is, and I’d love to regularly read that every experience is mine to cherish, even the difficult ones.  That’s all.

Thanks for listening.

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