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Monthly archives for September, 2013

happily ever after today

Once upon a time there was this woman.  We’ll call her Karen.  Karen was crazy in love with her job.  She just adored the people she met, was fascinated all the time by the puzzles she tried to solve, the things she learned, and the gifts she got.  Oh sure, there were some parts of […]

optimizing autumn

In the Chinese Medicine calendar, autumn starts on August 2nd, and peaks at the equinox, gradually declining in energy from then on as winter energy grows.   It’s the time of year when plants get rid of anything that is not essential to survive, and animals (including human animals) start preparing for less activity by storing […]

we can fix your knee…

About five years ago, a woman came to see me for the first time.  She wanted to know if acupuncture could help her sore knee.  She seemed a very nice woman, maybe a little nervous – but then, she’d never had acupuncture before. We spent some time talking about her knee, where she felt the […]