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Monthly archives for September, 2012

rethinking food, part 1b

I’ve been working hard to get ready for the class I’m teaching on Chinese Medicine Nutrition.  Learning how to see food differently, looking at language I use all the time in a different way, revisiting the basic principles of Chinese medicine, has been, well, mind blowing.  So many things to share with my patients and […]

here’s the rap

I’m getting pretty good at this – let’s say I’m at a gathering of people, maybe a business breakfast.  Or maybe a couple of people stop by the community clinic when we’re having an open house.  Or maybe I’m doing some taster acupuncture for first responders.  Someone will ask the question: can acupuncture help my […]

why did I choose those points?

Some people find acupuncture confusing.  They want to know why I use points in their feet to treat their headaches – or the pain in their elbows or hands.  And what’s with that really weird point that is on the inside of the calf that makes a shoulder (!) feel better. I’ll put a needle […]