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Posts tagged health

all soup, all the time

Last week, about the time I hit the 35th iteration of my dissertation on the value of soup, I thought ‘I’ve got to write this up.  Then I can just hand it out!’  Every week my patients seem to present me with a different theme, and last week’s was definitely about eating in a way […]

building your immunity

Dr. Mao Shing Ni has this to say about our immune systems: ‘Think of your immune system as the National Guard coming to the rescue during times of grave danger – whether it’s a threat from the outside or a disaster on the inside’.  I just love that quote. We tend to see our immune […]

acupuncture for kids

I love giving acupuncture to kids. For one thing, they’re a lot easier to work with than adults, largely because they haven’t been on the planet long enough to accrue all this stuff that we older folk gather: beliefs, injuries, beliefs about our injuries, stress, you know. An acupuncture treatment for a child, therefore, usually […]

it’s resolution time!

We’re almost through the season of indulgence – all those holiday meals and parties and bowl games with unlimited noshing.  All of which lead to a mostly grim determination to restore balance by ‘going on a diet’.  Am I right?  Hands up everyone out there who is going to make losing weight a New Year’s […]

We are what we eat

We are what we eat.  This statement is becoming more and more profound as I study Chinese Medicine Nutrition.  It covers not only what passes our lips and enters our bodies; it also has to do with how we prepare our food and how we eat it.  We pay loads of attention to it on […]