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Posts tagged do for yourself


Fair warning: this is a rant.  To be fair, it’s (mostly) directed at myself, but it’s still a rant. I read something not too long ago (and anyone who knows me knows it’s futile to ask me to say where I read anything, really)  of a man who took up Qi Gong in his 60s […]


This is a re-post from 2012 because I’ve had a number of patients recently who either didn’t know about this, or who did know about it forgot to use it on recent injuries.  Everybody’s doing lots more outside things now, so keep a head in your refrigerator first aid kit. ~ k If you’ve been […]

all soup, all the time

Last week, about the time I hit the 35th iteration of my dissertation on the value of soup, I thought ‘I’ve got to write this up.  Then I can just hand it out!’  Every week my patients seem to present me with a different theme, and last week’s was definitely about eating in a way […]

why, oh why, is this your new year’s resolution?

Those of you who know me through my practice will know that I have a fascination (admittedly erratic) with language, particularly the kind that forms the casual shorthand we use when talking with each other.  There are times when I will interrupt a discussion with a patient by asking for a more precise explanation of […]

captain jack sparrow, reprise

A few months ago, I posted some thoughts that followed on from Captain Jack Sparrow’s wonderfully, weirdly profound statement: ‘The problem is not the problem.  The problem is your attitude about the problem.’  (You can search for the original post on this site.)  I was exploring how attitude affects the way we deal with challenges […]

no and yes

One of the cool and interesting things I’m discovering  is that there’s a difference between getting in touch with how I feel, and examining what those feelings mean.  I’m really a star at grabbing on to a feeling and pretty much worrying it to the point of, well not obsession exactly, but pretty close. I’ve […]

what is qi? part 4,329

Acupuncturists (and CM practitioners of all sorts) are often asked to explain Qi.  It is, after all, the stuff we work with, and when a patient wants to know why we’ve chosen a particular point, we can’t really explain that without explaining Qi. The easiest definition is energy.  Sometimes I say it is life force […]

movement, always movement

I see this all the time in my patients (and in myself).  It’s like the only time we really get it about this living in the Now thing is when we’re miserable.  At these times, we believe that we will be there forever, that our back pain or depression will never go away, that the […]

building your immunity

Dr. Mao Shing Ni has this to say about our immune systems: ‘Think of your immune system as the National Guard coming to the rescue during times of grave danger – whether it’s a threat from the outside or a disaster on the inside’.  I just love that quote. We tend to see our immune […]

I need more oomph!

Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s the gray weather (where’s the damn sun?), maybe the time of day or my obligations or the people in my life that just suck up all my energy, or … doesn’t really matter.  I just want more oomph! Have you ever felt this way?  You have so much to […]