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Posts tagged change

why don’t I get better?

This blog is one of those ‘please bear with me while I sort this out for myself’ blogs, because it applies to me as an individual (why don’t I get better).  It may also answer a question I’ve had as a practitioner, to wit: you stand in front of me and tell me you need […]

you are not who you used to be

We have all of us at some time or another thought ‘I didn’t used to be like this.  I was more flexible/had less pain/had a better memory/could multi-task/[insert whatever you were here]’.  Certainly I do this, and I hear a variation on this theme from just about every patient I see, no matter the age. […]

living without fear

I am tired of fear. Tired of waking in the morning, happy to be alive, eager to see the wonders of the day, only to watch that joy be overwhelmed – sometimes within minutes – by the ambiance of fear that shimmers in the people of my town, my country. I am tired of trying to […]

thinking on the unthinkable

I don’t usually write about ‘world events’. The things that I hear or read in the media distress me – a lot, and I know from past experience that they can suck me down until being angry and bitter becomes my default setting. That way of being serves no one, least of all me. I […]

miracle day

I picked up a magazine the other day while waiting to do a radio show (sorry, sorry, can’t remember the name of mag), and found an article on living a Miracle Day.  It wasn’t about a law of attraction thing, though why not?  It was about viewing each thing in your life as a miracle.  […]

i am not a miracle worker

I follow the insights of a very interesting on-line business coach, who is also an acupuncturist, and he recently posted this on Facebook.  I grabbed it because I wince every time I read it.  It sounds kind of harsh, and I’m not sure I’d ever say something like this to a patient. However. It is […]

well, that’s a bummer

I had a set-back this week.  I made a request for a bank loan for my business, to try to take it to the next level, replace some stuff, do some advertising, you know, grow and maintain the business.  I’d prepped for the request, looked for and followed advice, put some effort into not freaking […]

we chose each other

Once a month I travel to eastern Mass to offer acupuncture to clients and staff at the On-Site Academy, a residential program for first responders experiencing the effects of critical incident PTSD. It’s an hour’s drive each way, and this gives me the chance to listen to things that help me with my life and […]

captain jack sparrow, reprise

A few months ago, I posted some thoughts that followed on from Captain Jack Sparrow’s wonderfully, weirdly profound statement: ‘The problem is not the problem.  The problem is your attitude about the problem.’  (You can search for the original post on this site.)  I was exploring how attitude affects the way we deal with challenges […]

melancholy baby

I’ve been feeling… sad.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve just been sitting with it for a change, because it feels right to do so. It’s not depression, though it does feel like doing anything except being with it would take some effort. I could come up with lots of reasons for feeling this […]