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Posts in category Musings

i am my mother’s daughter

Of all the meanings of Mothers Day, the one we most like to celebrate – if we can – is the love we have for our mothers and the joys we get by being mothers.  Yet it is not all joy.  If it were, it would mean less, because the contrast between joy and pain […]

child within

A while ago (much longer ago than I care to think), I went to court to support a woman who had killed her abusive partner.  While I waited for her hearing, I watched a line of prisoners appear before the judge to find out if they would await their trials free or in jail.  Suddenly […]

and so the light returns

I grew up in a Christian home, in a time when being Christian was implied, and had a much milder, less militant meaning.  I don’t actually know what my parents believed about God, I don’t remember it being a part of any conversations, although they must have answered my questions.  I always had questions. We […]

why don’t I get better?

This blog is one of those ‘please bear with me while I sort this out for myself’ blogs, because it applies to me as an individual (why don’t I get better).  It may also answer a question I’ve had as a practitioner, to wit: you stand in front of me and tell me you need […]

Desiderata, a Spiritual Poem

I have not read this since I was a teenager; in fact, I haven’t even seen it since then.  I didn’t know it was written by American poet Max Ehrmann, in 1927, another time when the world was dancing as fast as it could.  It feels more right now than it did when I first […]

it’s de-lightful, it’s de-licious, it’s de-lovely

Here’s a question: when was the last time you woke up singing? Lately I’ve awakened before my alarm goes off to the refrain of Cole Porter’s song ‘It’s De-Lovely’ dancing around in my head.  What a lovely way to start my day: a bouncy, memorable tune and glorious lyrics.  I get out of  bed with […]

comes a time

There comes a time when we feel compelled to tell our stories, tell what we’ve learned. Life is just so darned full of experiences, all of which have weight in forming us. I used to think this was territory owned by old people (or maybe just older than me people, the line keeps moving as […]

the tao of captain jack sparrow

I love Jack Sparrow – his posturing and swaggering and his nutty logic. This picture has been making the rounds on Facebook, and I find the sentiment divinely profound. I mean, at it’s base, a problem is a problem because we deem it so.  And then, once we’ve done that, we worry it, chew on […]