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Posts in category Food as Medicine

you’re not sick – you’re starving

Bet that got your attention.  It sure did get mine, when I saw it as the title of an online article. How can that be, you ask?  We live in one of the richest nations on the planet, we throw away (to our shame) great quantities of uneaten food.  Most of us (and by no […]

all soup, all the time

This is a reprint of a post from early 2014.  I got inspired to share it with you because I’m just making my first ever batch of nettle soup.  That’s right, soup made from that plant that stings and causes a rash.  Why?  Because it’s nutrient dense, and supports the Liver and Lungs which is […]

building your immunity

Dr. Mao Shing Ni has this to say about our immune systems: ‘Think of your immune system as the National Guard coming to the rescue during times of grave danger – whether it’s a threat from the outside or a disaster on the inside’.  I just love that quote. We tend to see our immune […]


This is a re-post from 2012 because I’ve had a number of patients recently who either didn’t know about this, or who did know about it forgot to use it on recent injuries.  Everybody’s doing lots more outside things now, so keep a head in your refrigerator first aid kit. ~ k If you’ve been […]

i’m so excited

The first class on Food as Medicine is tonight, and I’m so excited about this I can hardly stand it.  I’ve been prepping for weeks.  Yesterday’s work just about made my eyes bleed.  There’s so much information to share; I’m not sure any of us will be able to walk and talk after the class. […]

rethinking food, part 1b

I’ve been working hard to get ready for the class I’m teaching on Chinese Medicine Nutrition.  Learning how to see food differently, looking at language I use all the time in a different way, revisiting the basic principles of Chinese medicine, has been, well, mind blowing.  So many things to share with my patients and […]

congee queen, watermelon junkie

I started studying Chinese Nutritional Medicine in January, and decided to start, you know, experimenting with it on myself.  I wanted to lose some weight, and, as we were heading into summer, I really wanted to find a way to not have swollen ankles all summer long. I learned that the Spleen Official is, among […]

We are what we eat

We are what we eat.  This statement is becoming more and more profound as I study Chinese Medicine Nutrition.  It covers not only what passes our lips and enters our bodies; it also has to do with how we prepare our food and how we eat it.  We pay loads of attention to it on […]