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Posts in category Chinese Medicine

on acupuncture and addiction

There’s a bit of a back-story to this post.  In an effort to make acupuncture available to folks in recovery from addiction, I’ve been talking to people on our local Opioid Task Force, to people at the jail to see about providing treatment to men who are addicted when they’re arrested, and I’ve been trying […]

how am i supposed to understand this?

Today is the three year anniversary of Sandy Hook, an event that has become as evocative as Wounded Knee, as Ruwanda, as 9/11, as every other event where innocents are slaughtered for reasons I cannot comprehend. Today I watched a video of a choir singing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ that closed with the voice of the […]

Ask. Just ask – and then pay attention.

There’s been some heavy shit going down, as we used to say.  In fact, these last few weeks the air feels thick with grief and rage, sorrow and vitriol.   People are angry and frightened, even here in my small Western MA town where we are really safe, really, we are comparatively safe unless some person […]

think positive… or not?

Positive thinking, the power (or law) of attraction, stay on the sunny side – this has all been in the culture for a while now, and the push-back is starting to get some traction.  Being ‘realistic’ is the new thing, and I have some thoughts about this. Firstly, the Law of Attraction et al is […]

my mission? help acupuncture work for you

Once my secret mission, my secret agenda, was to show patients that they could use acupuncture to stay healthy.  That it was to everyone’s benefit if they had a tune-up several times a year when the seasons changed, or as needed if they started to feel out of balance.  The underlying assumption was that we […]


Ok, of all the weird and wonderful things that happen in my world, the current openness about all things marijuana is, well, blowing my mind. Not just because I just recently returned from a visit to California, where I know people who have medical marijuana recommendations.  Not just because I can be in a room […]

i have no time for this

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, but I find there are things that I just don’t want to waste my time on any more.  Guilt is one of them.  If ever there was a more useless emotion, I’m unaware of it.  It gets in the way of doing the right thing, makes me feel […]

living with autumn

One of the great, classic texts of Chinese medicine and philosophy is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, or Neijing.   Reportedly written by the great Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, in 221 BCE, it is the backbone of all modern acupuncture studies, and its text has a strong relevance to our lives today. The […]

divine tools

Usually when someone comes to me for acupuncture, I’m not their first stop for help.  They’ve tried their doctor, perhaps a specialist, maybe physical therapy, various medications – and they haven’t been happy with the results.  Maybe the meds make it hard to function.  Maybe the pain is lingering far longer than they’d expected – […]

choice … and change

I am continuously baffled by conversations that go like this: ‘You’re an acupuncturist?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ “I always wanted to try that.  I’ve got this [insert issue here] problem.  The doctor hasn’t been able to do anything about it, and I don’t like pain medication, it messes with my head.’ ‘I’m sorry to hear that.  […]