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Monthly archives for November, 2015

the seeds of war

I was a teenager during the Vietnam war, and like many of my generation, I was passionately opposed to it, indeed to killing of any kind.  I felt so strongly about it that, for some months anyway, I allowed myself to get sucked into arguing with my very Republican father about it every night after […]

Ask. Just ask – and then pay attention.

There’s been some heavy shit going down, as we used to say.  In fact, these last few weeks the air feels thick with grief and rage, sorrow and vitriol.   People are angry and frightened, even here in my small Western MA town where we are really safe, really, we are comparatively safe unless some person […]

choose the open heart way

It seems really hard to me, this one. There are so many things that I feel should be condemned – terrorism, poverty, illness. (And don’t get me started on insurance companies.) And yet I know that lingering on things that have negative or disgusting or abhorrent vibes simply sends more energy to those things. Then […]

think positive… or not?

Positive thinking, the power (or law) of attraction, stay on the sunny side – this has all been in the culture for a while now, and the push-back is starting to get some traction.  Being ‘realistic’ is the new thing, and I have some thoughts about this. Firstly, the Law of Attraction et al is […]