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Monthly archives for September, 2015

just … do it

There is a great, well, need from the people in our community to help those who are struggling with addictions of all sorts, and it seems like things progress like this: Awareness of the need – as addiction to pain meds and then to heroin is expanding into white, middle-class communities, more people are seeing […]

how do we do this well?

I know this will come as a shock to those of you who know me as a shy, silent type, but I got to do a lot of talking this weekend.  Not just talking as in sharing a Chinese Medicine perspective on things people are experiencing, but talking and exploring topics that can best be […]

living with autumn

One of the great, classic texts of Chinese medicine and philosophy is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, or Neijing.   Reportedly written by the great Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, in 221 BCE, it is the backbone of all modern acupuncture studies, and its text has a strong relevance to our lives today. The […]

why don’t I get better?

This blog is one of those ‘please bear with me while I sort this out for myself’ blogs, because it applies to me as an individual (why don’t I get better).  It may also answer a question I’ve had as a practitioner, to wit: you stand in front of me and tell me you need […]