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Monthly archives for March, 2014

‘we didn’t ask you where you’ve been’

I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks CD the other day, and there was a woman who was asking Abraham for some help with an issue she had with caring for her aging mother.  Every time Abraham asked her how she was feeling, she responded by listing what she had done in the past to work […]

i am not a miracle worker

I follow the insights of a very interesting on-line business coach, who is also an acupuncturist, and he recently posted this on Facebook.  I grabbed it because I wince every time I read it.  It sounds kind of harsh, and I’m not sure I’d ever say something like this to a patient. However. It is […]

doing the hard thing

Last week I helped my daughter help her aged and ailing cat pass from this life.  Oscar (the oddly named female cat who joined our family 18 years ago) had been declining for a while, and Kirsten had been doing everything she could to bring comfort to the time Oscar had left.  For the last […]