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Monthly archives for April, 2013

what is qi? part 4,329

Acupuncturists (and CM practitioners of all sorts) are often asked to explain Qi.  It is, after all, the stuff we work with, and when a patient wants to know why we’ve chosen a particular point, we can’t really explain that without explaining Qi. The easiest definition is energy.  Sometimes I say it is life force […]

movement, always movement

I see this all the time in my patients (and in myself).  It’s like the only time we really get it about this living in the Now thing is when we’re miserable.  At these times, we believe that we will be there forever, that our back pain or depression will never go away, that the […]

surf the wind

Spring hasn’t really sprung this year.  In fact, it’s been a little sneaky.  The light is telling us we’ve moved ahead, but the temperatures just don’t seem to be keeping up.  The light is drawing us forward, but the cold temperatures haven’t let us go.  It’s disconcerting, because we can’t seem to rely on spring […]