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what’s with this?

Patients bring many stories to their acupuncture treatments – some already conscious, some rising up as we work together.  These stories are opportunities for personal transformation.  The back pain, the head cold, the depression all hold stories that can change the dance of our lives.  My job is to help bring the stories to consciousness, which I do with the points I choose and with the words that are given to me to say.  The stories become clearer, the opportunities emerge and the dance continues.

When someone rejects his or her story, though, and tells me ‘that’s just the way I am’, it kinda knocks me back on my heels.  I mean, really?  Then why are you here?

Sometimes that statement is a result of not understanding how acupuncture works – or medicine of any kind, really.  I might be able to ease the back pain, but, honey, it’s gonna come back unless you figure some stuff out and make some adjustments.

Some people say ‘that’s just who I am’ in a defensive way, as in ‘that’s just the way I am, don’t ask me to change, I’m hanging on to this one’.  Whoa.  Did you mean to slam that door shut?

Some people present ‘that’s just who I am’ as a simple statement of fact, delivered in a neutral tone of voice.  ‘I’ve accepted this about myself, and we can put it aside now.’  The door didn’t slam shut, but it was shut all the same.

What’s with this?  Do we think we were born and never grew or learned?  Heaven help us if we do, because that is stagnation, a flat line, and it tells the Universe that we have no intention of doing anything that might move us from where we are.

As if that could happen.  Being alive means we move, we change.  Sometimes we get to initiate the change, sometimes we adapt to it.  Like they say: sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

Saying ‘that’s just who I am’ is like trying to stop the weather.  It’s resistance, and it’s limiting, and it doesn’t work.   When we realize how much effort we put into holding on to it, we’ll give it up.  In a heartbeat.  Then we can watch the fun begin.

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