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Monthly archives for February, 2013

building your immunity

Dr. Mao Shing Ni has this to say about our immune systems: ‘Think of your immune system as the National Guard coming to the rescue during times of grave danger – whether it’s a threat from the outside or a disaster on the inside’.  I just love that quote. We tend to see our immune […]

acupuncture for kids

I love giving acupuncture to kids. For one thing, they’re a lot easier to work with than adults, largely because they haven’t been on the planet long enough to accrue all this stuff that we older folk gather: beliefs, injuries, beliefs about our injuries, stress, you know. An acupuncture treatment for a child, therefore, usually […]

what’s with this?

Patients bring many stories to their acupuncture treatments – some already conscious, some rising up as we work together.  These stories are opportunities for personal transformation.  The back pain, the head cold, the depression all hold stories that can change the dance of our lives.  My job is to help bring the stories to consciousness, […]

spirit horse

I was one of those kids who came into this world mad about horses.  You know, the kid who won’t wash her hands after riding so she can smell horses and leather all night?  That was me. I got my first horsey job when I was 12, and I managed to spend the next 20+ […]