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Monthly archives for August, 2012

this is harder than I thought

Did you ever decide you wanted to try something out, and found there was much more involved than you thought there was?  I was thinking about that this morning on my walk.  I realized I hadn’t done a blog post for a while, and was feeling I really should make time for it – which […]

observations from a day at the lake

Mondays are granny days for me and my grandkids.  My daughter has one less day to worry about summer child care, I get to hang out with these really, really cool short people in my life.  (Not so short anymore, boy.  My 6 year old grandson who is now up to my shoulder, tells me […]

congee queen, watermelon junkie

I started studying Chinese Nutritional Medicine in January, and decided to start, you know, experimenting with it on myself.  I wanted to lose some weight, and, as we were heading into summer, I really wanted to find a way to not have swollen ankles all summer long. I learned that the Spleen Official is, among […]

Why ‘For the Joy of It’?

I mean, this is a blog written by an acupuncturist, and the first post (and probably subsequent ones) was exhorting you to eat better.  So why did I pick this name for my blog? I’ve been an acupuncturist for 10 years now, and I’ve been receiving acupuncture for almost 20 years.  Not because I’m a […]

squirrel medicine

When I went to my first day at acupuncture college, I walked in the door to be met by a man in a white coat who said to me: ‘Do you see the tree Qi sinking down?’ As it happened, I knew exactly what he meant.  It was autumn, and the trees were beginning to […]

things I learned from the Olympics

Ok, I confess, I’m completely caught by Olympic fever.  I’ve noticed an awful lot of bloggers have used the Olympics as springboards for what they write, and I’m sorry to be so mundane as to do that, too.  But gee.  The Olympics just offer unending philosophical possibilities. So I decided to go with the crowd […]